How to monitor changes to websites

Save time and follow three simple steps to get notified when a website’s content changes.

Millions of Internet users monitor critical changes with website change detection tools. You can simply be informed about these changes by e-mail free of charge.
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Most internet users can remember a time when they pressed the F5 key to refresh a page: constantly waiting for a concert ticket to become available, a university grade to be released, or to check to see if a sold out item finally came is available again.
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From checking job vacancies on the career pages of your dream companies to tracking your ex girlfriend (or kids’) social media profile, website monitoring has become mainstream with the proliferation of easy- to -use free services and enhancements like visualping .
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This monitoring is also widely used in business applications these days to keep an eye on your competition. Track online reviews, receive information for trading applications, monitor legislative changes or be informed about software updates, news, etc. Regardless of the application, monitoring website changes can be a valuable tool for anyone. The following example is aimed at people who want to track changes in the Google Doodle.

Step 1: Enter the URL of the page you want to track

Copy the URL of the website you want to track and enter it in the appropriate field on the Visualping homepage.

Step 2: Select the area you want to monitor

Next, you need to select the area you want. This can be any part of the page, e.g. B. an article that is out of stock, a news section or your competitor’s offer section. The selected area is the only one that is monitored and the system ignores any changes outside of that selection.
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Step 3: Enter your email address and select the frequency of the checks

The change notifications will be sent to your email address. When you use the system for the first time, you can easily create an account with a username and password.
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The crawlers check the area you selected every day and you will receive an email notification when the system detects a change. The following example shows a Google Doodle that appeared on December 9th.
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When you create an account, you have access to a dashboard that lists all of the pages you are tracking. The dashboard allows you to change all relevant settings, such as the percentage of changes that trigger an email notification or actions to reduce false positives for each page.
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There are many other options for monitoring pages, such as filling out forms, clicking buttons, entering passwords, or using proxies. There are also company-specific tools for business use cases, which are covered in the “Visualping for Business” section.
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